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J.H. Crawford, author of Carfree Cities and Carfree Design Manual, is working to establish a bricks-and-mortar institute for the study of issues relating to carfree cities. It had long been thought that World Carfree Network would eventually establish such an institute, but this has not materialized.

Crawford is therefore seeking to establish the institute in a carfree district. Following an exploratory trip to Bhaktapur, Nepal, in the fall of 2013, it was decided to establish the institute in this beautiful, fascinating, intact medieval city that is substantially carfree. For various reasons, the institute will not be established as a formal organization but wil be an informal undertaking under the leadership of J.H. Crawford

Young people from the local community will be recruited and will learn a wide range of useful skills, including:

  • Graphic arts
  • Web design
  • Photography
  • Video production
  • Computer simulation
  • Building 3D models of carfree districts
  • Promotion of the carfree idea using social media
  • Ongoing production of the Carfree Times newsletter
The field of study will be tailored to the aptitudes and interests of the young people, who will probably number four to six. We will be closely allied with basic healthcare organizations and bicycling groups.

Progress updates will be posted here periodically. If you are interested in this project, please direct mail to J.H. Crawford at by typing this address in your mail program:

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Last updated 11 June 2014